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Awards and Reviews

Just wanted to share some updates about my latest EP “This Is How The Meek Riot”.  I’ve enjoyed some interviews and gotten some reviews back, and I just found out I was nominated for an Independent Music Award in the Social Action category (eeep!).  Here are links to a few recent reviews and I hope you have time to listen to the new songs to form your own opinion and buy them if you like them!  Thanks for the support!



Today is the official release date for my third album, an EP called “This Is How The Meek Riot”.  Weighing in at 15:48, and 4 tracks long it was inspired by the U.S. presidential election year.  Most of it was written between July 2015 and January 2016, but “Everybody Knows” was written in 2013 and then revised for this EP.

Although I think the lyrics tell a clear story, I created my own videos to give a visual interpretation of the song.  The album cover spawned from the creation of the 4th and final video, which hasn’t been released yet, for “It’s Still Free To Laugh”.

I would be ever so grateful if you’d take the time to support my creations however you can.  There are links to iTunes, YouTube, and Facebook right up there ^^^^    And if you use Spotify, please follow me!!

Thanks in advance for being nice:) Nice people rule.



Honestly Video






I gave my word to someone on my music team that I would make a video for each of the songs from my upcoming EP “This Is How The Meek Riot”.  This one is super raw and was filmed in 2 hours with only me and a tripod.  Hopefully, the simplicity allows you to focus on the lyrics!  Please check it out and subscribe to my page and hang out there for a little while.

This Is How The Meek Riot

I’m just a few weeks away from being able to share new music from my upcoming EP, “This Is How The Meek Riot“.   And I made a video for the first song I’m sharing, which I hope visually tells the story of the song.  It’s definitely a change of climate from my usual vibe, but very appropriate for the climate in our country lately…shhh, that’s all I’m saying for now. ;-)  Everbody Know

Hello 2016…

Now that we’re all a few weeks removed from the sugar-laden, overstimulating, food and alcohol comatose we call the “holiday season”, I think it’s a good time to talk about some 2016 adventures.  I got to welcome the New Year by doing what I love – bringing new music to life in the studio!  I look forward to sharing it in with you in 2016.  This means there may be some accompanying visual stimulus to go with the new audio experience.  And I have a few upcoming shows at some fantastic venues. (  Cheers to 2016!

Another Year Comes To An End


2015 brought lots of great things for me musically including playing festivals, being nominated for awards, radio play all the over the map,  songwriting and collaborating with new people, and meeting new friends and fans.  #SoGrateful


2015 also brought some challenges in my personal life including watching my mom’s mental health decline to the point where she suddenly stopped talking to me or returning my calls.  After about three months of stomaching that, I decided to get it out musically and wrote and recorded a demo about how I felt at Christmas time.  There are more details regarding the backstory as well as a video with old sentimental photos at the link below.  So long 2015…